Rollei Cable Shutter Release for Nikon

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  • Easy handling
  • Easy-to-read LCD with backlight
  • Timer remote control for: starting time (start of shooting), exposure time, intervall timer up to 100 hours in advance
  • Adjustable exposure time between 1 second up to 100 hours
  • Manually controlled exposure with time indication on the LCD
  • Exposure control with additional sound signal
  • Continuous shooting: 1 up to 399 photos
  • Time interval recording with endless shots

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Rollei Remote shutter control for Nikon

Do you like to work with filters, to get really impressive long exposure shots? Then you not only need a sturdy tripod and various filters but also the Rollei remote shutter control for Nikon. Regardless of the types of filter, you use, you can easily control all the necessary settings without vibrating the camera.

Robust cable connection for precise timing.

With the Rollei remote shutter control for Nikon you can always connect directly to your camera without any problems – It is unaffected by radio transmitters and receivers in your area. Even in low light, the well-lit LCD display shows you all the necessary information and settings. There is an acoustic signal as well as the display so you can concentrate on your subject at sunrise or in the dark.

Set the exposure time anywhere between 1 second and 100 hours

Only you can decide for how long you want to shoot. All art is only the implementation of your ideas. With the Rollei remote shutter control for Nikon you can choose any possible option between 1 second and 100 hours. You can even program and execute between 1 and 399 images. You can even use it for scientific documentation with this scope. Would you like to set a time interval for an infinite number of shots? No problem!

Completely compatible with over 30 Nikon models

Do you have several Nikon DSLRs and want to use the Rollei remote shutter control for all of your cameras? We have included several different adapters with the delivery, exactly for this reason. Rollei helps professional and amateur photographers, improve on their cameras as easily as possible and use them for spectacular, quality recordings. Therefore, we put a lot of focus into making the device compatible. In addition to the Rollei remote shutter control, the delivery includes AAA-batteries and a detailed instruction manual, so you can start immediately.

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