Rollei QAL-60 Quick Release Plate


  • Professional Camera Quick Release Plate QAL-60
  • Perfect for photo shooting and video shooting
  • Suitable for cameras with 1/4“ thread
  • Delivery: 2 pieces
  • Appropriate for Fotopro ball head T5 and T5S

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Tripod Accessories & Tripod Heads

At a weight of only 38 grams, the Rollei QAL-60 quick release plate is one of the lightest in the industry. Easy storage, installation and removal are all but guaranteed. As this plate is constructed of sturdy aluminium, it will not be subject to fluctuations in temperature nor will it rust within moist conditions. This model is therefore a great choice for outdoor uses such as during a hiking trip or capturing the action-packed moments of a race with the utmost levels of stability. This piece will be shipped in two separate pieces which need to be attached prior to use.

The QAL-60 Quick Release Plate

A length of 60 millimetres allows the QAL-60 to be one of the most versatile available through Rollei. Also, it is suited to be attached to other Fotopro ball heads (the T5, the T5S and the T7). While this flexibility is impressive, the plate can also be used in conjunction with any camera that contains a one-quarter inch attachment head. So, the QAL-60 can be a perfect addition to many Rollei ActionCams.

Installation Recommendations

Some care should be used during the mounting processes. First, the camera will need to be held firmly in place until it is securely locked into position. The same can be said when attaching the tripod mount to the tripod itself. Care must be taken during these processes in order to avoid getting one’s fingers or hands caught within the mechanism.

The QAL-60 is further backed up by a robust 24-month warranty by Rollei. Able to handle numerous DSLR cameras quickly and easily, this model can be the perfect addition to an existing tripod and camera assembly.

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